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Eazyways is a part of the Gways Marketing Limited, a multi level marketing (MLM) company founded in July, 2002 in Delhi, India. Eazyways is the company of 21st century in right meaning.

It is the first Indian company that started development of international quality products of Oxygen Care and Aloe Vera in India and though direct-selling of those products with the help of it's registered consultants and side-by-side doing marketing and promotion of the FMCG products Oxygen Care, Aloe Vera and other products, created a channel of distribution for that.

Today with the help of more then thousands of consultants and hundreds of its stock points, Eazyways is try to avail its products to each and every state, city and houses.

Eazyways has achieved esteemed position though its production and working approach.

The future is not a time to be anticipated. It's the place in time where the possible is realized. And it's happening today at Eazyways a division of Gways Marketing Ltd.

With our facilities-based growth strategy, we're providing business to consumers. You probably know Gways Marketing Ltd., as a huge group of companies in different fields like:-

  1. Financial services/capital markets
  2. Information technology (IT)
  3. Real Estate
  4. Event Management.


Certainly we do that, but we're so much more. With over hundreds of stockiest & many C&F agents strategically positioned in many of the nations leading business and financial centers. Founded in 2002, from humble beginning with 100 persons & today with the workforce of thousands of successful consultants the Eazyways group has rapidly grown to become one of the leading home based business providing firm nation wise, our cross border focus, dedicated team of industry and research specialists and cutting-edge technological platform provide us a distinct advantage over competition.

Eazyways has a unique role to play in multi level marketing world. Our goal is not merely to capture our share of the significant MLM business, but also to have a lasting effect on the world. Eazyways is at the center of this global revolution. We have started with the eleven products and right now we have more than 50 products in the market almost launching one product in a month. Moreover there are many products we are working on. It's fueling our growth and inspiring our consultants in ways not seen in our generation. It is no wonder Eazyways is the leader in home-based business and is recognized as one of the nation's most respected companies providing home based business opportunity to one and all. Our independent business consultants enjoy competitive incentives and benefits, flexible hours and fun, supportive team environment. From our professionals team. Eazyways and Eazyways IBC stress teamwork, communication, fact-based problem solving, responsibility and above all, customer service.

Eazyways means opportunities, Eazyways network system is growing fast, providing thousand of homes a business opportunity, at all levels in a variety of disciplines. Eazyways founder Mr. N. Shah, a mastermind in accountancy, is one of the most respected names in business class, an experienced business person and skilled network buider. Our advisors & professionals have a proud history of more than 25 years, but we're not content to rest on our past success. Today, our thousands of consultants have helped us to become a trusted company. We continue to build on our strengths, with new strategies, technologies and capabilities to positions us as a leader for the future.

They are backed by the strength and offshore reputation of the Eazyways brand and the knowledge of a staff of professionals and scientists. It's a proposition that offers distinctive value to our consumers, and a rewarding career for our consultant.

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